Innovation and Leadership

  • 1st Czech-Israeli Hackathon on Social Affairs
  • 1 Publication outlining current Czech-Israeli relations

  • 4th Czech Women Leaders Meeting Israel Mission
  • 30 Women Leadership Workshops
  • 10 Innovation Workshops
  • 6 Workshops preparing Czech civil servants for EU Presidency
  • High-school regular class lecturer “Israel as a Start-Up Nation”
  • 40 Interviews for Czech and Slovak Leaders Magazine
  • 10 Expert articles

Certificates and Pro-Bono Support

  • Global Innovation Leader Participant

  • Empowerment Self Defence Instructor

  • 1000 Voices Fellowship Program Participant

  • Summer Entrepreneurial Camp for Children of Underprivileged Backgrounds Speaker

  • Violence Prevention Education Conference 2021 speaker

  • Charity collection to support hospital staff

  • Advocacy on Women and Technology theme
  • Re-elected as an Executive Board Member of Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce

  • Advancing the theme of Empowerment Self-Defense for People with Disabilities

Previous Year Activities

  • Czech-Israeli Women Accelerator Founded
  • 3rd Czech Women Virtual Entrepreneurial Mision to Israel
  • Charles University Atlas of Today‘s World Project Mentor
  • Israel as a Start-Up Nation e-Learning Program
  • 3 Israeli Companies Supported on the Czech Market
  • 4 Podcasts and Interviews
  • 8 Expert Articles (Jerusalem Post, Deník N, Info.cz)
  • 10 Webinars (available on Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce and EPALE platform)
  • 37 Interviews for the Czech and Slovak Leaders Magazine

Pro-bono Activities

  • Nomination for GIFEW Global Award
  • 2 Hackathons mentored
  • Violence Prevention Education Conference 2021 preparation
  • Empowerment Self-Defense Global 2020 Pitch Competition jury member
  • 2nd Peer-learning workshop in Women Entrepreneurship participant
  • Partnership between Access Israel and National Council for People with Disabilities established
  • PC collection to help single parents
  • DSP Hagibor and social care institution Christmas donation
  • 1 Women Entrepreneurial Mission Organized
  • 1 Global Development Program Graduated
  • 11 Business and Charity Projects Supported
  • 25 Conferences Attended, Presented and Moderated
  • 27 Articles and Interviews Written

November 8-16
2nd Women Entrepreneurial Mission, Israel

July 7-19
Big Idea Camp for Kids and Teens in Israel

June 14-16
The Ashoka Visionary Program, Vienna

June 13
EU WEgate Networking Event, Brussels

June 6
Minerva Club Meeting

Women in Tech: Deborah Project Launch

May 20-26
Innovation Week Czech Republic

May 14-16
EU Peer-to-Peer Learning for Women Entrepreneurship

May 12-14
6th Annual Global Female Leaders Summit, Berlin

May 9
Wunderman Conference – Together For Innovation

April 11

March 29 – 30
Equal Pay Day

  • 1 Women Entrepreneurial Mission Organized
  • 4 Women Networking Breaskfasts Organized
  • 12 Conferences Attended
  • 44 Articles and Interviews Written

4th Women Networking Breakfast

October 12-20
Women Entrepreneurial Mission, Israel

3rd Women Networking Breakfast

Stages Global

June 10-13
AJC Global Forum

June 3-5
5th Annual Global Female Leader Summit, Berlin

Visegrad 4 Women Startup

2nd Women Networking Breakfast

April 26-29
EUPJ Biennial Conference

March 8
1st Women Networking Breakfast

March 2-4
Election Women Academy, KDU-CSL

Ongoing through the year
Minerva 21