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BIG IDEA Camp, Israel – tech-innovations for children & teens

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1st WEM, Israel, 2018

The First Women's Mission from the Czech Republic to Israel, October 2018
The First Women Entrepreneurial Mission from the Czech Republic to Israel
Start up of you - 1st Women Entrepreneurial Mission to Israel

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Israelis give their business a global dimension.
Linda Štucbartová answers in what they can set an example for the Czech Republic

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Pomáháme ostatním růst.
Cosmopolitan Magazine, April 2018

Interview with Linda Štucbartová and team titled Pomáháme ostatním růst. in Cosmopolitan Magazine, April 2018

Living a life on tip toes
Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine, Nov-Jan 2016

Interview with Linda Štucbartová titled Living a life on tip toes in Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine, November – January / 2016 Issue

Equal Pay Day, 2019

Future Port Prague, 2019

V čekárně, 2016

EmMedia, 2016


Czech-Israeli Relations
“From Past Friendship to Growing Strong Together”
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Czech-Israeli Relations Book